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We offer a FREE awareness and sensitization program for your employees as part of your employee engagement activity. We understand the importance of proactive parenting in helping children ace reading, writing, and spelling, and we are here to help!

So, how does it work? Let's break it down into four easy steps:  

Step 1 - Online Webinar:

Our founder of DLearners presides over this webinar, providing parents with an overview of learning difficulties, positive parenting approaches, Dyslexic Thinking : The Skill of the 21st Century. This one-hour session (40 minutes presentation + 20 minutes Q&A) gives parents an insight into the world of children with reading and writing difficulties 

Step 2 – Screening: 

Parents can download our DL screening app, which helps them understand their child's learning patterns better. Embedded videos further provide clarity on the issues children with such difficulties face.

Step 3 - Report Generation:

We send a detailed report to each parent, which comprises an insight into the child's learning requirements. All data on a child is confidential and not shared with anyone except the parents. The organization will receive a report on the overall number of children screened versus the number of children identified. The company or any other partner will not receive an individual child's report.

Step 4 - Counseling:

Once the child's learning requirement is identified, our team will guide them on the best remediation opportunities for them. Based on the child's need, remedial education is recommended through our paid DLearners Intervention Platform. Uptake of any remediation is completely based on the parent's discretion.

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At DLearners, we believe that every child deserves the best education possible. We're here to help parents and organizations alike in achieving that goal.

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